Google Workspace Management

Customer Success Management (CSM) services include:

  • AdvanceCO Gold and Platinum Support

  • Additional Managed Services for Google Apps for Work (Contact Us)

AdvanceCo is a customer focused organization that works to align our success with our customer's success.

AdvanceCo Inc is a critical component of the customer experience and enables Google to meet customer demand globally. Google depends on partners to provide:

1) local customer relationships and expertise

2) personalized reach

3) a broad set of complementary services.

Google is a product-focused company with limited professional services resources. They rely on their partners to be the point of sales and provide more specialized assistance.

What Makes Us Unique?

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We offer solutions for many of the challenges businesses are facing:

  • Support and Advisory Services

  • Compliance and Security

  • Messaging and Retention

  • Archive and Storage

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