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Admin Setup

Create the first user:

Users can be created on the command line or by registering in the web UI:

SSH to your Sentinel instance.  You should login to the instance using the default user "ubuntu"

Inside of the instance run the following command.  

source /usr/local/src/security_monkey/venv/bin/activate

The following example should be changed to your preferred admin account below

$ monkey create_user "" "Admin"
> Password:
> Confirm Password:

create_user takes two parameters:

  • email address
  • role (One of [View, Comment, Justify, Admin])

Create an SSL Certificate

For this quickstart guide, we will use a self-signed SSL certificate. In production, you will want to use a certificate that has been signed by a trusted certificate authority.:

$ cd ~

There are some great instructions for generating a certificate on the Ubuntu website:

Ubuntu - Create a Self Signed SSL Certificate

The last commands you need to run from that tutorial are in the "Installing the Certificate" section:

sudo cp server.crt /etc/ssl/certs
sudo cp server.key /etc/ssl/private

Once you have finished the instructions at the link above, and these two files are in your /etc/ssl/certs and /etc/ssl/private, you are ready to move on in this guide.

Launching the Web Console

You will want to open your browser to the Public IP of the Sentinel 360 host.  https://hostnameofsentinelec2instance

Using the login and password from the step above sign-in.

Find the settings menu at the top of the page.

From the settings menu there will be a plus button.  Click the plus button to add accounts.  (Please ensure that IAM has been configured prior to completing this step.)

Once you have clicked the plus button add your AWS or GCP account.

To add an account, you will need to add a name, Type (AWS or GCP), the AWS account number, and the Canonical ID.  The name can be a useful description of the account (such as Production), the other settings S3, Role, and notes are optional.
In order to find the account number and canonical ID please see the following location: go to your AWS Console ->My Security Credentials ->Account Identifiers

Finally ensure that the Active checkbox is enabled. See image for reference.

Restart the supervisor after adding new accounts by typing the following from SSH:

sudo supervisorctl
restart all